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Pockyt's Partner Ecosystem Explained

Pockyt's partner ecosystem comprises a range of entities that play distinct roles in facilitating and supporting transactions. Each entity, whether directly involved in processing payments or providing essential services, contributes to a seamless transaction experience. Here's an overview of the key players in this ecosystem:

This table outlines the roles and functions of various entities within Pockyt's partner ecosystem, illustrating how each contributes to the overall process of payment facilitation and management.

POS Software CompanySoftware ProviderOffers POS software solutions for order and transaction processing in retail or service environments; manages sales, inventory, and customer data.
MerchantsDirect SellersEngage in selling products or services to customers; recipients of funds in transactions and require secure, efficient payment acceptance methods.
ISVSoftware Application DeveloperDevelops and sells software applications integrated into larger systems; may provide POS systems integrated with payment processing services.
Merchant of Record (MoR)Payment Processor and ManagerResponsible for the processing and management of customer payments, including secure fund transfers, refunds, chargebacks, and payment integrity.
Sub-MerchantPayment Processing ClientsBusinesses processing payments through a payment facilitator's account, using the facilitator's infrastructure for payment processing.
PSP (e.g., Pockyt)Payment Processing FacilitatorFacilitates payment processing by integrating directly with payment networks; offers services like risk management, security, support, and funding.

Pockyt's Partnership Structures and Technology Solutions

Pockyt recognizes the diverse needs of its partners and offers tailored partnership structures to best align with each unique relationship. Once the commercial aspects of these partnerships are established, Pockyt extends a variety of technology solutions to bolster its partners in delivering robust market offerings. These solutions include:

  1. White Label Options:

    • Pockyt provides white label solutions for merchant-facing and payee-facing portals, as well as hosted payment pages. This allows partners to offer these platforms under their own branding, ensuring a seamless experience for their users.
  2. Combined SDKs / Side by Side Integration Services:

    • To facilitate easier integration, Pockyt offers combined SDKs and side-by-side integration services. This enables merchants to implement a PSP's processing services in conjunction with Pockyt's solutions, simplifying the integration process and enhancing user experience.
  3. Merchant Facing Onboarding/Application Portal:

    • This white-labeled portal streamlines the collection of business information from merchants, simplifying the approval process for payment processing. It’s a user-friendly way for merchants to onboard with minimal hassle.
  4. Merchant Onboarding APIs:

    • These APIs allow partners to submit merchant application data automatically. This eliminates the need for merchants to fill out multiple applications, enabling rapid approvals and a more efficient onboarding experience.
  5. Support Team:

    • Pockyt prides itself on its dedicated in-house team that supports both partners and their merchants. This team assists with pre-screening high-risk merchant applications, resolving onboarding issues, and providing ongoing account support, especially in areas related to funding, settlement, and business expansion.

Through these varied solutions, Pockyt aims to empower its partners with the tools and support needed to excel in the market. The emphasis is on creating a symbiotic ecosystem where partners benefit from Pockyt's technological strengths while maintaining their unique market identity and customer relationships.