External Resources for Developers

External Developer Resources from Pockyt

To assist developers in integrating and utilizing Pockyt's services, a range of external resources is available. These resources are designed to provide practical tools, examples, and comprehensive guides to streamline the development process. Here’s an overview of what’s available:

Postman Collection

  • Purpose: Pockyt has curated a Postman collection specifically for our Pay-Ins products. This collection is invaluable for testing and validating your integrations with Pockyt's APIs.
  • Access: You can fork this collection to adapt it to your specific integration needs.
  • Link: Access Pockyt on Postman

BitBucket Collection

  • Purpose: Pockyt regularly publishes tutorials and code examples on BitBucket, often crafted in response to common support requests. These resources are aimed at providing practical guidance and solutions.
  • Access: Browse through tutorials and code collections for in-depth understanding and implementation insights.
  • Link: Access Pockyt on BitBucket

GitHub Collection

  • Purpose: Pockyt’s GitHub repositories are a treasure trove of public resources. These include source files for eCommerce plugins, sample projects for various Pay-In API payment scenarios, mobile payment resources, and SDKs in multiple popular programming languages.
  • Access: Leverage these repositories to enhance your development projects with Pockyt’s technologies.
  • Link: Access Pockyt on GitHub

These external resources are part of Pockyt’s commitment to supporting the developer community. They offer a wealth of information and practical tools to facilitate the effective integration and deployment of Pockyt’s payment solutions in various applications.