Pockyt Integrated Payments

A streamlined, customizable solution for easy integration of diverse online payment methods

The Pockyt Integrated Payments Solution offers a comprehensive approach to online payments by allowing merchants to seamlessly integrate Pockyt's payment processing capabilities directly into their websites. This method offers a highly customizable and secure transaction process that retains the customer on the merchant's site, enhancing the overall user experience. By integrating Pockyt's APIs, merchants gain the flexibility to design and control their payment interface, ensuring that the payment process aligns perfectly with their branding and customer journey. This solution combines the assurance of security with the advantage of a tailored payment experience, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking a more integrated and versatile approach to online transactions.

SolutionDescriptionTechnical ScopeIntegration TimelineIdeal forProsCons
Pockyt Integrated PaymentsEnables seamless integration of Pockyt's payment processing capabilities into merchants' websites for a tailored transaction process.Direct integration with Pockyt's APIs for a customized payment interface on the merchant's site.Varies based on complexityBusinesses seeking a highly customizable and integrated payment solution.Full control over the payment interface, aligning with brand identity and user experience.Requires more development resources and time for integration.


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Customer Checkout Experience

The Pockyt Integrated Payments solution offers merchants a heightened level of control over the customer checkout experience, providing a more bespoke and streamlined payment process. With this solution, merchants can tailor the checkout flow, guiding customers through the payment process in a manner that aligns with their brand's look and feel. This includes customization of the basic design and functionality of the payment forms.

Here's a summarized step-by-step overview of a customer's payment process using a digital wallet app like AliPay on a website integrated with Pockyt's RESTful API:

  1. Product Selection: The customer browses the merchant's website, adds items to their cart, and heads to the checkout page.

  2. Payment Method Selection: On the checkout page, the customer opts for AliPay or another digital wallet app as their preferred payment method.

  3. Payment Initiation: The merchant's site, using Pockyt's RESTful API, sends a request to Pockyt with details like payment amount.

  4. Receiving Payment Details: Pockyt's API returns payment details, including a transaction ID and necessary information for the digital wallet app.

  5. Digital Wallet Access: The customer clicks "Pay with AliPay" (or a similar option), which opens their digital wallet app.

  6. Authentication and Authorization: Inside their digital wallet app, the customer authenticates and reviews the payment details before authorizing the transaction.

  7. Payment Confirmation: The customer confirms the payment in the app. Pockyt's API then receives this confirmation and processes the transaction.

  8. Transaction Status Notification: Pockyt communicates the transaction status (like success or failure) back to the merchant's website.

  9. Order Confirmation Display: The merchant's site displays an order confirmation to the customer following successful payment, and records the transaction details.

Technical Considerations of Pockyt Integrated Payments Solution

However, while merchants can customize the initial stages of the checkout experience, including the order confirmation pages, the workflow with Pockyt’s payment APIs follows a specific sequence of interactions. Crucially, when it comes time for the actual payment authentication, customers must be directed to the secure checkout URL provided by their chosen digital wallet service. This is a key security feature; it ensures that customers authenticate their digital wallet credentials directly with the service provider, rather than through a form hosted by the merchant’s site.

This approach balances the need for a customized and branded shopping experience with the essential security protocols of digital wallet services. While merchants can shape the initial checkout experience to reflect their brand identity and streamline the customer’s journey, the authentication and final payment step occurs securely and directly with the digital wallet provider, maintaining the integrity and security of the payment process.

Payment Methods Available in Pockyt Integrated Payments

This table provides a comprehensive overview of various payment methods and their corresponding solution types, highlighting the flexibility of Pockyt's hosted payment page and its compatibility with a wide range of payment options, including integration within digital wallet apps.

Payment MethodSolution Type
Standard ACHHosted Page
Same Day ACHHosted Page
Real Time PaymentHosted Page
American ExpressHosted Page
DinersHosted Page
DiscoverHosted Page
JCBHosted Page
MasterCardHosted Page
UnionPayHosted Page
VisaHosted Page
AliPayHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
AliPayHKHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
BoostHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
CashAppHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
DanaHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
EasyPaisaHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
GcashHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
KakaoPayHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
PayPalHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
Touchn'GoHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
TrueMoneyHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
VenmoHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
WeChatPayHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
bKashHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
PayPayHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
PayTMHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
PixHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
TossHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
AirtelHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
BoletoHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
GiropayHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
HanaMoneyHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
LinePayHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
M-PesaHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
MultiCajaHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
OxxoHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
OneQ AppHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App