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Read the Merchant Onboarding API Implementation Guides

The Pockyt Payments Merchant Onboarding API comprises two primary endpoints that facilitate the seamless integration and management of merchant applications. These endpoints are designed to offer a straightforward and efficient way for partners to interact with the Pockyt system. Below is an overview of each endpoint:

Submit Endpoint: /api/merchant-onboarding/submit

The "Submit" endpoint is the primary interface for submitting merchant applications to Pockyt Payments. This endpoint is utilized by partners to send comprehensive merchant information for processing and approval.


  • Data Submission: Partners use this endpoint to submit detailed merchant information, including business details, payment method preferences, and other relevant data.
  • Review Process: Upon submission, Pockyt initiates a review process, scrutinizing the provided information for compliance, risk, and financial viability.
  • Notification of Outcome: After the review is successfully completed and the merchant application is approved, Pockyt dispatches an email notification to both the merchant and the submitting agent. This notification confirms the application's acceptance and provides further instructions or credentials as necessary.

Use Cases:

  • New Merchant Onboarding: Ideal for onboarding new merchants who wish to utilize Pockyt’s payment processing services.
  • Updating Merchant Information: Can be used for submitting updates or changes to existing merchant accounts.

Query Endpoint: /api/merchant-onboarding/query

The "Query" endpoint serves as a tool for querying the status of a merchant's application. This endpoint is essential for partners and agents who need to track the progress of their submitted applications.

  • Status Inquiry: Partners and agents use this endpoint to inquire about the current status of a merchant’s application.
  • Real-Time Updates: The Query endpoint provides real-time information regarding the application's processing stage, including any pending actions or approvals.