In-Store Payments


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In-Store Payment Scenarios

Brick and Mortar RetailA customer purchases items in a physical retail store and pays at the cashier.Physical retail storeCustomerRetail store
Quick Service RestaurantsA customer orders food at a fast-food restaurant and pays at the counter.Fast-food or quick service restaurantCustomerQuick service restaurant
Table Service RestaurantsA diner enjoys a meal at a restaurant and pays the bill presented by the server at their table.Sit-down restaurantDinerTable service restaurant
Vending Machines / Unattended RetailA customer selects an item from a vending machine and pays using a digital or cash payment system.Vending machine or unattended retail spaceCustomerVending machine operator
Kiosk PaymentsA customer uses a self-service kiosk for services or goods and pays through the kiosk's payment system.Self-service kioskCustomerKiosk operator or service provider

Common Challenges for In-Store Payment Scenarios

In today's fast-paced retail environment, substantial changes are reshaping the landscape of in-store payments. These shifts, propelled by technological progress, changing consumer preferences, and evolving market trends, are compelling merchants to reassess their in-store payment strategies. As traditional payment methods intersect with innovative digital solutions, the in-store payment experience is undergoing a transformation. The following table provides a comprehensive overview of the key challenges merchants face in this dynamic domain, highlighting the need for adaptable, secure, and customer-friendly payment systems. These challenges often drive merchants to explore new and effective solutions that align with the current and future demands of in-store commerce.

This table outlines the challenges faced in in-store payments, from adapting to contactless trends to ensuring security in physical transactions, highlighting the importance of an efficient and diverse payment system for both merchants and customers in a brick-and-mortar setting.

ChallengeImpacted PartyImpact/Consequences
Adapting to Contactless Payment TrendsMerchant and CustomerFailure to offer contactless options can result in lost sales and reduced customer satisfaction.
Efficient Queue ManagementMerchantLong wait times due to slow transactions can lead to customer frustration and decreased sales.
Handling Diverse Payment MethodsMerchantInability to process a wide range of payment methods can limit customer reach and convenience.
Security in Physical TransactionsMerchant and CustomerSecurity concerns in physical transactions can deter customers and increase the risk of fraud for merchants.
Rapid Checkout ExperienceCustomerSlow checkout experiences can decrease customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Integrating Digital ReceiptsMerchant and CustomerLack of digital receipt options can inconvenience customers and reduce efficiency for merchants.
Enhancing In-Store Customer ExperienceMerchantFailure to provide a seamless payment experience can affect overall customer satisfaction.
Currency Conversion for TouristsMerchant and CustomerDifficulty in handling foreign currency transactions can limit sales from international customers.
Flexibility in Payment OptionsMerchantLimited payment flexibility can hinder sales opportunities and customer convenience.
Payment Data Security in StoresMerchantInsufficient in-store payment data security can lead to breaches and loss of trust.

Pockyt's Unique In-Store Payment Solutions

Each of these in-store payment solutions offered by Pockyt caters to different retail scenarios, ensuring flexibility, security, and convenience for both merchants and customers. By providing multiple QR code-based payment options, Pockyt addresses various transactional needs and preferences, enhancing the overall efficiency of in-store payment processing.

Customer Presented QR Code Payment Use Case

  • Scenario Definition: In this common use case, customers opt to pay with their digital wallet at the point of sale.
  • Process: The customer indicates their preference to pay via a digital wallet. The cashier then uses a scanner, connected to the POS system, to scan a QR code displayed on the customer's mobile device.
  • Application: This method is widespread and highly efficient, especially in fast-paced retail environments, as it streamlines the payment process and reduces transaction time.

Merchant Presented QR Code Payment Use Case

  • Scenario Definition: In this scenario, the cashier generates a unique, single-use QR code for each transaction.
  • Process: The QR code is displayed on a customer-facing screen or printed on a receipt. The customer then uses their digital wallet application to scan this QR code to initiate the payment.
  • Application: This approach is particularly useful in scenarios where customer devices may not be easily scannable or when an additional layer of transaction security is desired.

Static QR Code for Unattended Payments

  • Scenario Definition: This solution involves the use of a static QR code for unattended payment situations, such as vending machines.
  • Process: The merchant sets up a static QR code, which customers can scan using their device’s camera. This action redirects them to a hosted payments page where they complete the transaction.
  • Application: Popular in unattended retail environments, this solution offers a convenient and contactless payment method for customers, and an easy-to-manage system for merchants.

This table provides a comprehensive overview of the different in-store payment solutions offered by Pockyt, detailing their specific applications, technical requirements, ideal usage scenarios, along with their advantages and limitations.

SolutionDescriptionTechnical ScopeIdeal forProsCons
Customer Presented QR Code PaymentCustomers use their digital wallet to display a QR code, which the cashier scans with a POS-connected scanner.QR code generation on customer's device, scanned by a POS system scanner.Retail environments with high customer throughput.Quick, efficient, and familiar to many customers; reduces physical contact.Requires customer familiarity with digital wallets.
Merchant Presented QR Code PaymentCashiers generate a unique QR code for each transaction, displayed for the customer to scan with their digital wallet app.POS system generates a unique QR code per transaction, displayed on a screen or printed receipt.Situations requiring additional transaction security.Adds an extra layer of security; flexible for various retail settings.Slightly slower process due to QR code generation.
Static QR Code for Unattended PaymentsUsed in unattended retail setups like vending machines, a static QR code directs customers to a hosted payment page for transaction completion.Static QR code linked to a hosted payment page, suitable for self-service environments.Unattended retail environments like vending machines.Convenient for contactless, self-service transactions; easy to manage for merchants.Limited interaction, not suitable for dynamic pricing.

Payment Methods Available In-Store

Payment MethodSolution Type
Standard ACHHosted Page
Same Day ACHHosted Page
Real Time PaymentHosted Page
American ExpressHosted Page
DinersHosted Page
DiscoverHosted Page
JCBHosted Page
MasterCardHosted Page
UnionPayHosted Page
VisaHosted Page
AliPayHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
AliPayHKHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
BoostHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
CashAppHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
DanaHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
EasyPaisaHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
GcashHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
KakaoPayHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
PayPalHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
Touchn'GoHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
TrueMoneyHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
VenmoHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
WeChatPayHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
bKashHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
PayPayHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
PayTMHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
PixHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
TossHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
AirtelHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
BoletoHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
GiropayHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
HanaMoneyHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
LinePayHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
M-PesaHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
MultiCajaHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
OxxoHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
OneQ AppHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App