About the Solution Guides


Recommended Approach for Developers

For a holistic understanding and effective implementation of Pockyt's solutions, developers are advised to:

  • Start with Solution Guides: Begin with Pockyt's solution guides and step-by-step tutorials for a broader context and understanding of use cases and user workflows.
  • Use Links for Navigation: Utilize the links provided within these guides and tutorials for easy navigation to relevant sections in the API Reference.
  • Refer Back as Needed: Treat the API Reference as a technical dictionary or encyclopedia to be referred to during the development process for specific details and clarifications.

Pockyt Solution Guides: Bridging Business Needs with Technical Solutions

Pockyt's Solution Guides are designed to address specific business challenges faced by our clients, explaining how Pockyt's solutions can effectively solve these problems. The primary goal of these guides is to assist readers in identifying and understanding their own business challenges and how Pockyt's offerings can provide viable solutions.

Purpose and Content

The essence of these guides is not just to showcase Pockyt's solutions but to enlighten stakeholders about the possibilities and capabilities of these solutions. Here’s what each guide encompasses:

  1. Identification of Business Problems:

    • Each guide starts by outlining common business challenges, helping readers recognize and articulate their specific needs.
  2. Solution Overview:

    • The guides describe Pockyt's solutions, focusing on how they cater to the needs of end-users, merchants, and partners. This includes an overview of the solution from the perspective of each stakeholder.
  3. Addressing the Problem:

    • An explanation of how Pockyt’s solutions effectively address the identified problems, offering practical and efficient results.
  4. Features List:

    • A comprehensive rundown of the features for each solution, providing a clear picture of what Pockyt offers.
  5. Technical Considerations:

    • While not delving into deep technical details, the guides offer enough technical insight to inform product managers and stakeholders about the scope of development work involved. This includes an overview of API calls, expected results, and general workflow.
  6. Implementation Resources:

    • Guidance on accessing necessary resources for implementation, including links to integration guides, tutorials, and API references.

Target Audience

These guides are particularly useful for product managers and business stakeholders directly responsible for product oversight. They offer the necessary insights to understand both the user interaction with Pockyt's solutions and the technical scope of integrating these solutions.


Pockyt’s Solution Guides serve as a valuable tool for businesses looking to bridge the gap between their challenges and technical solutions. They provide a clear pathway for understanding, selecting, and implementing the right Pockyt solutions to meet specific business needs.