Pockyt Hosted Checkout

Introducing a quick and lightweight solution for rapidly implementing various online payment methods.

Pockyt Hosted Checkout is a solution that simplifies the online payment process by directing customers to a secure, externally hosted payment page. This approach centralizes and streamlines the transaction process, offering a blend of convenience, security, and versatility.

SolutionDescriptionTechnical ScopeIntegration TimelineIdeal forProsCons
Pockyt CheckoutA secure, hosted payment page that redirects customers for payment, simplifying the checkout process.Customers are redirected from the merchant’s site to Pockyt’s secure payment page for transaction completion.3-5 daysSmall to medium businesses seeking a fast, secure, and easy-to-integrate payment solution.Simplifies compliance with security standards, minimizes the risk of handling sensitive data.Limited customization in terms of the checkout experience and payment form designs.


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Customer Checkout Experience

The hosted payments page is a secure web page operated by Pockyt. When customers are ready to check out, instead of entering payment details directly on the merchant's website, they are redirected to this secure page. This redirection moves the responsibility of handling sensitive payment information, like credit card details, away from the merchant, reducing their compliance requirements (such as PCI DSS). Here’s how it works and what it involves

Customer selects products:
The customer browses through the eCommerce website, adds desired products to their cart, and proceeds to the checkout page. At the checkout page, the customer selects AliPay as their preferred payment method.

Redirection in the Checkout Process:
During checkout, when a customer selects their payment method and proceeds to payment, the merchant’s website automatically redirects the customer to Pockyt’s hosted payment page. This page is pre-configured to accept various payment methods, including credit cards, digital wallets, bank transfers, and more. Once on the hosted page, customers securely enter their payment information, which is processed by Pockyt’s system.

Processing the Transaction:

After the customer completes the payment, Pockyt processes the transaction and sends the relevant data back to the merchant’s system. This process includes a secure exchange of information, ensuring that the merchant receives confirmation of the transaction without having to handle sensitive data directly.

  • Login to AliPay: The customer logs into their AliPay account using their credentials or any authentication method provided by AliPay.
  • Review and confirm payment: The customer reviews the payment details, such as the total amount and order summary, on the AliPay platform. They can also select their desired payment source within their AliPay account.

Complete payment: After verifying the payment information, the customer confirms the payment on the AliPay platform. AliPay securely processes the transaction and provides a payment confirmation.

Security and Compliance: Since the payment processing occurs on Pockyt’s secure platform, merchants benefit from robust security measures and compliance with payment industry standards. This setup significantly reduces the merchant's risk exposure and security burden.

Return to the eCommerce website: Once the payment is successfully processed, the customer is redirected back to the eCommerce website. They receive an order confirmation, and the transaction details are updated in the merchant's system

Payment Methods Available in Pockyt Checkout

This table provides a comprehensive overview of various payment methods and their corresponding solution types, highlighting the flexibility of Pockyt's hosted payment page and its compatibility with a wide range of payment options, including integration within digital wallet apps.

Payment MethodSolution Type
Standard ACHHosted Page
Same Day ACHHosted Page
Real Time PaymentHosted Page
American ExpressHosted Page
DinersHosted Page
DiscoverHosted Page
JCBHosted Page
MasterCardHosted Page
UnionPayHosted Page
VisaHosted Page
AliPayHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
AliPayHKHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
BoostHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
CashAppHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
DanaHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
EasyPaisaHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
GcashHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
KakaoPayHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
PayPalHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
Touchn'GoHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
TrueMoneyHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
VenmoHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
WeChatPayHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
bKashHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
PayPayHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
PayTMHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
PixHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
TossHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
AirtelHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
BoletoHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
GiropayHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
HanaMoneyHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
LinePayHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
M-PesaHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
MultiCajaHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
OxxoHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App
OneQ AppHosted Page, In Digital Wallet App