Obtaining API Credentials

Follow these steps to obtain both your sandbox and production API credentials


Click Here to Get Sandbox API Credentials

To obtain your Sandbox API credentials, follow these steps:

  1. Start the application process by clicking on the "Apply Sandbox Credentials" link.
  2. Wait for the Pockyt team to review and approve your application, which typically takes about 2 days.
  3. Once approved, Pockyt will provide you with a unique secret token for the Sandbox environment.
  4. The base URL for the Sandbox environment API is https://mapi.yuansferdev.com.
  5. Use the RESTful endpoints relevant to your use case in test mode credentials to avoid incurring costs.
  6. Ensure your Sandbox environment includes the front-end user interface for online payment workflows for optimal integration and testing.
  7. By completing these steps, you can set up a Pockyt Sandbox account to test and refine your integration, ensuring a secure and user-friendly payment experience for your customers.

To obtain your Production API credentials, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Login and select Create Account to access the 10-step merchant application form.
  2. Enter your credentials and submit the required documents, including a business license or registration, a voided check or bank letter with the company name, and government-issued photo identification.
  3. Pockyt's team will review your application and submit it to each digital wallet service they work with.
  4. Once approved, Pockyt will automatically activate your live accounts, which usually takes 1-2 business days for processing and approval.
  5. You will be notified of your approval status and receive your Merchant No. and Store No. via email.
  6. The base URL for the Production environment is https://mapi.yuansfer.com
  7. Log in to your account to collect your API token, necessary for building API parameters.
  8. Each API request must include a verifySign parameter, which is the calculated MD5 hash value of your API token, enabling Pockyt to authenticate and authorize your API calls. For further details, refer to "Signing API Parameters."

Installing Digital Wallet Test Applications

In order to test the customer-presented QR code payment scenario, you will need to install a test application onto a mobile device in order to generate the payment barcode.
Please also provide the Apple ID's and Google Play ID's associated with the mobile devices that you will be installing the sandbox digital wallet applications for testing, so that we can forward you the invitations from iOS Testflight and the Google Play store to install these test applications
There are numerous test digital wallet apps available, but It is only necessary to install a single digital wallet type onto your mobile device in order to test the full transaction flows.

Digital WalletiOS Test ApplicationAndroid Test Application
PayPalProvide Apple ID's to supportProvide Google Play ID's to support
CashAppProvide Apple ID's to supportProvide Google Play ID's to support
AliPayNot AvailableDownload directly from AliPay

On an android device, scan the QR Code image below, which will direct you to a URL hosted by AliPay that allows you to download and install the test digital wallet application.