Before Getting Started

This section provides instructions for setting up a development account with Pockyt, obtaining sandbox credentials, and installing the test digital wallet applications


Recommended Approach for Developers

For a holistic understanding and effective implementation of Pockyt's solutions, developers are advised to:

  • Start with Solution Guides: Begin with Pockyt's solution guides and step-by-step tutorials for a broader context and understanding of use cases and user workflows.
  • Use Links for Navigation: Utilize the links provided within these guides and tutorials for easy navigation to relevant sections in the API Reference.
  • Refer Back as Needed: Treat the API Reference as a technical dictionary or encyclopedia to be referred to during the development process for specific details and clarifications.

Before you start your integration project, confirm that you have all the necessary resources and have completed key tasks to ensure a smooth implementation.

Pay-Ins Requirements

In-Store Payment Scenarios:

For a successful implementation, make sure you have the following:

  • A barcode scanner that can read the payment-barcode string from a test digital wallet application.
  • Apple iOS and Google Play store account IDs, with the iOS TestFlight app installed on your smartphone.
  • iOS and Android devices to download and install test digital wallet applications from PayPal, AliPay, and CashApp for generating payment barcode strings.
  • If your network setup requires, open specific ports in your firewall to enable POST messages from Pockyt to listener URLs on your backend server.

Installing Digital Wallet Test Applications

In order to test the customer-presented QR code payment scenario, you will need to install a test application onto a mobile device in order to generate the payment barcode.
Please also provide the Apple ID's and Google Play ID's associated with the mobile devices that you will be installing the sandbox digital wallet applications for testing, so that we can forward you the invitations from iOS Testflight and the Google Play store to install these test applications
There are numerous test digital wallet apps available, but It is only necessary to install a single digital wallet type onto your mobile device in order to test the full transaction flows.

Digital WalletiOS Test ApplicationAndroid Test Application
PayPalProvide Apple ID's to supportProvide Google Play ID's to support
CashAppProvide Apple ID's to supportProvide Google Play ID's to support
AliPayNot AvailableDownload directly from AliPay

Install AliPay Consumer Digital Wallet: Test Application

On an android device, scan the QR Code image below, which will direct you to a URL hosted by AliPay that allows you to download and install the test digital wallet application. It will lead you to a URL where you will be able to download the associated .apk file.

Install the PayPal Sandbox Digital Wallet Test Application

Available for iOS and Android devices by private invitation. You will need to email [email protected] to request access to this wallet. Be sure to provide the following information in your email:

  • Your Sandbox Merchant Number and Store Number. If you do not have this, please click at the link below to
  • The email addresses associated with the accounts used to login to the iOS Appstore and Google Play App Store, on the test devices that you will be using to install these apps.

Install the CashApp Sandbox Digital Wallet Test Application

Available for iOS and Android Devices by public web links, shown below. Please navigate to these links and follow the instructions displayed on the download pages:

Online Payment Scenarios

  • Confirm that your eCommerce environment is set up with a working storefront or in-app checkout.
  • Review our list of available eCommerce plugins before developing a full integration.
  • Examine the implementation options, such as Pockyt Hosted Checkout or Pockyt-Integrated-Payments, to determine what best suits your needs.

Pay-Outs Requirements

  • Collect all necessary Payee onboarding information in advance. This is often the most time-consuming part of preparing to go live with transactions in production.