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Understanding Pockyt's Reporting API

Pockyt’s Reporting API stands as a powerful tool for merchants who require an advanced level of data analysis and integration capabilities. This API is not automatically available to all users; it requires activation and is tailored for specific needs.

What is the Reporting API?

The Reporting API is a specialized RESTful API provided by Pockyt, designed to query transaction activity in bulk for specific merchant accounts. This API facilitates the retrieval of comprehensive transaction data, which can be crucial for detailed analysis, reconciliation, and accounting purposes.

Accessibility and Samples

The Reporting API is not universally available; it must be specifically enabled for a merchant's account. This selective availability ensures that the API's powerful features are used in scenarios where they can provide the most benefit. On the Pockyt platform, samples of the reports that can be generated through this API will be available for download. Additionally, the API references section will provide in-depth details about the available parameters, aiding in effective utilization.

Purpose and Application

The primary purpose of the Reporting API is to aid merchants and partners in conducting detailed reconciliations, streamlining accounting processes, and efficiently managing fees across various use cases. While Pockyt‚Äôs merchant portal offers standard reports that cater to the general needs of most merchants‚ÄĒcovering aspects like management reports, activity logs, fees, and settlement data‚ÄĒthere are instances where more tailored solutions are necessary.

For merchants seeking customization or wishing to integrate transaction data directly into their existing accounting or ERP systems, the Reporting API is an invaluable resource. It allows for the creation of bespoke data flows, aligning transaction data with specific business requirements and system architectures.

Customization and Integration

The real strength of the Reporting API lies in its ability to be customized according to merchant needs. It provides the flexibility to extract specific sets of data that standard reports might not cover. This customization is particularly beneficial for businesses that require detailed transactional insights or need to align their financial data with complex internal systems.


In summary, Pockyt's Reporting API is a sophisticated solution for merchants who need more than just standard transaction reports. Its ability to provide detailed, customized transaction data makes it a powerful tool for businesses aiming to integrate transaction information seamlessly into their broader financial systems, thereby enhancing efficiency and insight in financial management.