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In-Store Payments API Reference Overview


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Description: This API allows merchant POS systems to generate QR codes with unique transaction numbers from the Pockyt system. When customers scan these QR codes using their mobile digital wallet apps, they can access payment URLs, transaction numbers, and transaction details sent by the Merchant POS system. Essentially, it simplifies the process of creating QR codes and transaction numbers for customers to initiate payments through their digital wallet apps.

Create New Transaction API

Description: This API enables the merchant's POS system to generate a distinct transaction number, which will play a crucial role after the customer presents their payment barcode. This transaction number gets linked to the payment, and the merchant POS system can also assign its own reference number, which will be associated with the transaction number generated by Pockyt. This reference number can be used later for inquiries and reporting purposes. In essence, it facilitates the creation of a transaction object and provides customers with a transaction number to initiate their payments.

Process Payment API

Description: This API serves as a means for the Merchant's POS system to verify and execute payments via digital wallet networks. To do so, the Merchant's POS must transmit both the transaction number obtained from the prior "/add" API call and the payment barcode value generated when the customer scans their digital wallet.

Cancel Payment API

Description: This API enables the Merchant's POS system to trigger a cancellation notification for a transaction, especially when a customer abandons the process or when the cashier needs to initiate a cancellation instruction after the initial transaction number has been generated. Its primary purpose is to facilitate the cancellation of payment transactions in cases where the transaction is abandoned before final submission.