This endpoint is used to register a new payee in the Pockyt system. When you initiate this POST request, you will need to include the necessary payee details. In response, Pockyt will provide a customerNo, which is essential for future transactions and identifies the payee within the system.

Register Payee Status Codes

In the following table, you'll find a comprehensive list of definitions for the potential values returned in the status parameter of the Register Payee API requests.

ActivatedThe payee's account is fully set up and verified. Payment methods can now be added, and the account is cleared to receive payouts.
PendingThe account creation process is incomplete. The payee must provide additional documentation and sign the necessary agreement to proceed. Follow up with the payee to ensure they complete these steps.
DeclinedThe account has been rejected. This could be due to a variety of reasons such as failing to meet compliance requirements or providing insufficient documentation. Review the provided reasons and check if the decision can be appealed or what corrective actions may be taken.
DeactivatedThe account has been voluntarily or involuntarily offboarded from the system. No further transactions can be processed. This may happen if the account has been closed or if it violates terms of service. Investigate the cause and contact Pockyt support for details if necessary.