This table provides detailed interpretations of the return codes that may appear in the ret_code parameter of Pockyt API responses, helping developers to understand and troubleshoot responses more effectively.

Return CodeDetailed Meaning
000000Indicates an error within Pockyt's system.
000010The API version specified in the request is incorrect or not supported.
000020A required parameter in the API request is missing.
000021The provided parameter does not correspond to any relevant information in the system.
000022There's a mismatch between provided parameters, suggesting an inconsistency in the request.
000023The value assigned to one or more parameters is incorrect or in an invalid format.
000030The request was denied due to lack of proper access rights or permissions.
000040There's an issue with the status of the transaction being processed.
000080An error occurred within the system of an external supplier or partner involved in the transaction.
000100The API call was successful and the transaction or request was processed correctly.

During the integration process with Pockyt's APIs, developers may encounter various errors. Understanding the common causes of these errors can significantly streamline the troubleshooting and resolution process. The majority of errors typically arise due to a few key reasons:

  1. Incorrect Base URL or Path: Often, errors occur because the base URL is not correctly set to the sandbox environment during testing phases, or the path specified in the URL is incorrect. Ensuring the correct base URL and path is critical for successful API communication.

  2. Missing Required Fields: Errors may arise when not all the mandatory fields are included in the API request. It's essential to provide all required data fields to facilitate accurate processing of requests.

  3. Duplicate Reference Numbers in Pay-Ins: In the context of Pay-Ins, submitting duplicate reference numbers can lead to errors. Each transaction should have a unique reference number to avoid confusion and ensure smooth transaction processing.

  4. Improper Formatting in Payouts: For Payouts, errors often occur due to improperly formatted fields, particularly date and time fields. It's important to adhere to the expected format standards for these fields to ensure correct data interpretation.

  5. Verification Signature (verifySign) Errors: Errors in calculating the verifySign value are a common source of issues. The verifySign parameter must be accurately calculated as it plays a crucial role in authenticating and securing API calls.

By addressing these common areas of concern, developers can reduce the likelihood of encountering errors during integration with Pockyt's APIs. A careful approach to API request composition, along with meticulous attention to detail in URL settings, field requirements, and cryptographic elements, is essential for a smooth integration process.