To amend any details associated with a payee's account, utilize this endpoint. It allows you to update information such as the payee's name, address, email, and banking information. On providing the updated details and the payee’s customerNo, you will receive a confirmation of the successful update.

Register Payout Method Status Codes

The table that follows provides detailed definitions for the status values you may receive in response to the Register Bank Account API requests.

PENDINGThe bank account information has been received and is currently under review by the Pockyt compliance team. It is not yet available for transactions. Monitor the status regularly and ensure all supplementary documentation is readily available in case further verification is required.
ACTIVATEDThe bank account has been verified and approved. It is now active and can receive funds. No further action is required at this stage, and you can proceed with initiating payouts to this account.
INVALIDThe bank account details provided are incorrect or do not pass validation checks. Review the submitted information for any errors or discrepancies and resubmit the correct bank account details following the proper format and guidelines provided by Pockyt.