This endpoint is crucial for executing the actual payout transaction. A POST request triggers the transfer of the specified funds to the payee's account. A successful request results in the processing of the payout.

Transaction Status Codes

The subsequent table outlines the definitions for various status codes that could be returned in the status parameter following a transaction API request. This table is crucial for interpreting the state of a transaction processed through the API, providing clarity on the outcome and indicating any necessary follow-up actions or confirmations.

pendingThe payout request has been successfully received by the system. It is currently in the queue for processing. You should monitor the transaction status, as it will update once the processing is complete.
successThe transaction has been processed without any issues, and the funds have been credited to the recipient's account. No further action is required unless you have post-payment processes in place.
failedThe payout request was not completed, and the funds were not deducted from the sender's account. This could be due to various reasons such as insufficient funds, incorrect payment details, or a system error. Review the provided error details, rectify any issues, and attempt the payout again if appropriate.
returnedThe payout request was cancelled after it was initiated. This could occur if the recipient's account rejects the funds or if there's an issue with the payment method. Ensure the account and payment details are correct and contact support if you need clarification on the cancellation.