API Response Codes

The "ret_code" parameter is a key element in Pockyt API responses, providing a standardized code that represents the outcome of any API call made across all endpoints. These response codes serve as a quick reference to the status of your API request.

CodeDetailExplanation and Handling Instructions
000000System ErrorA general error in the Pockyt system. Contact Pockyt support for assistance and provide the transaction details for context.
000020Parameter Null ErrorA required parameter is missing in the request. Review your API call to ensure all mandatory fields are included.
000021Parameter No Related InformationThe provided parameter doesn't correspond to any record in the Pockyt system. Verify the accuracy of the input values.
000022Parameters Do Not MatchThe submitted parameters conflict with each other. Double-check that all parameters match their expected values.
000023Parameter Value ErrorAn invalid parameter value was provided. Correct the value according to the parameter format requirements.
000030No Rights / Access DeniedThe API key or account lacks the necessary permissions. Ensure you have the correct authorization and permissions set.
000040Account balance is not sufficientThe payer account doesn't have enough funds. Top up the account balance or review the transaction amount.
000080Supplier System's ErrorAn error occurred on the supplier's end. Reach out to the supplier's support system for further clarification.
000100SuccessThe transaction was successfully processed. No action is required.

Register Payee Status Codes

In the following table, you'll find a comprehensive list of definitions for the potential values returned in the status parameter of the Register Payee API requests.

ActivatedThe payee's account is fully set up and verified. Payment methods can now be added, and the account is cleared to receive payouts.
PendingThe account creation process is incomplete. The payee must provide additional documentation and sign the necessary agreement to proceed. Follow up with the payee to ensure they complete these steps.
DeclinedThe account has been rejected. This could be due to a variety of reasons such as failing to meet compliance requirements or providing insufficient documentation. Review the provided reasons and check if the decision can be appealed or what corrective actions may be taken.
DeactivatedThe account has been voluntarily or involuntarily offboarded from the system. No further transactions can be processed. This may happen if the account has been closed or if it violates terms of service. Investigate the cause and contact Pockyt support for details if necessary.

Register Payout Method Status Codes

The table that follows provides detailed definitions for the status values you may receive in response to the Register Bank Account API requests.

PENDINGThe bank account information has been received and is currently under review by the Pockyt compliance team. It is not yet available for transactions. Monitor the status regularly and ensure all supplementary documentation is readily available in case further verification is required.
ACTIVATEDThe bank account has been verified and approved. It is now active and can receive funds. No further action is required at this stage, and you can proceed with initiating payouts to this account.
INVALIDThe bank account details provided are incorrect or do not pass validation checks. Review the submitted information for any errors or discrepancies and resubmit the correct bank account details following the proper format and guidelines provided by Pockyt.

Transaction Status Codes

The subsequent table outlines the definitions for various status codes that could be returned in the status parameter following a transaction API request. This table is crucial for interpreting the state of a transaction processed through the API, providing clarity on the outcome and indicating any necessary follow-up actions or confirmations.

pendingThe payout request has been successfully received by the system. It is currently in the queue for processing. You should monitor the transaction status, as it will update once the processing is complete.
successThe transaction has been processed without any issues, and the funds have been credited to the recipient's account. No further action is required unless you have post-payment processes in place.
failedThe payout request was not completed, and the funds were not deducted from the sender's account. This could be due to various reasons such as insufficient funds, incorrect payment details, or a system error. Review the provided error details, rectify any issues, and attempt the payout again if appropriate.
returnedThe payout request was cancelled after it was initiated. This could occur if the recipient's account rejects the funds or if there's an issue with the payment method. Ensure the account and payment details are correct and contact support if you need clarification on the cancellation.