Recurring Payments

Otherwise known as auto-debit, it is a payment solution recommended by Pockyt that facilitates users with automated payments in the future.
Auto Debit prevents the merchant from having to repeat the entire payment protocol every time a customer makes a purchase. Instead, the merchant can directly deduct money from the customer’s account using an authorization token.
For the merchant to implement the Auto Debit Payment feature, the user will have to sign an agreement, like a three-party withholding agreement, with the merchant in advance. This will authorize the merchant to obtain a token (known as an authorization token) that they can use to initiate any auto payment request made by the customer.

API Endpoints:

  • Consult
  • Apply Token
  • Pay
  • Revoke

Recurring Payments API Workflow:

  • Create a vendor list page that includes vendors supported by Pockyt.
  • Call the consult API to retrieve an authorization URL that redirects the customer to a vendor's interface to authorize the merchant for future payments.
  • Based on the terminal value, Pockyt will provide either a normalURL or applinkURL and generate an autoDebitNo. unique to the Pockyt system.
  • The customer will authorize the merchant to deduct payments from their wallet via the vendor's interface.
  • The vendor will redirect the customer back to a redirection URL (autoRedirectURL) provided by the merchant in the request body of the consult API along with passing the authorization result to it.
  • Call the apply-token API using the autoDebitNo. in the request parameter to get the token from the vendor.
  • Use the pay API, following a fixed schedule, to initiate an auto-debit payment for any purchase made and process the payment results based on the transaction status returned by Pockyt.
  • Use the revoke API to cancel the authorization agreement if the customer requests it.
  • Once Pockyt receives the revoke request, the access token will become invalid, and the merchant system will be unable to access the user resource scope.
Last modified 5mo ago