Pockyt Integrated Payments

Pockyt Integrated Payments offers a highly customizable payment form for businesses that want to retain complete control over the payment process. This method enables businesses to build their own user interface for all preferred payment methods, providing a seamless payment experience for their customers.
Merchants have the option to integrate Pockyt's APIs directly into their own system for self-hosted mobile payments, or they can accept customer payments by integrating their system with Braintree, using both the /secure-pay API and the /process API.

Pockyt Integrated Payments Workflow with Partner SDK's

Integrate Pockyt with popular payment gateways will allow your customers to utilize digital wallets such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, Paypal, and Venmo to make payments for purchases secured on your website. For example, You can use Pockyt’s process API (discussed below) and /secure-pay API (discussed earlier) to integrate with a number of our payment gateway partners.

API Workflow for Merchants:

Tutorial: Pockyt Integrated Payments

  • The merchant system registers first-time customers by calling the create API, generating a customer number stored in the merchant's database for future reference.
curl -X POST \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{
"merchantNo": "merchant_no",
"storeNo": "store_no",
"verifySign": "signature",
"profileType": "profile_type",
"lang": "lang",
"timestamp": "timestamp",
"city": "city",
"company": "company",
"country": "country",
"countryCode": "country_code",
"customerCode": "customer_code",
"dateOfBirth": "date_of_birth",
"email": "email",
"firstName": "first_name",
"lastName": "last_name",
"mobileNumber": "mobile_number",
"phone": "phone",
"state": "state",
"street": "street",
"street2": "street2",
"zip": "zip"
"ret_msg": "success",
"ret_code": "000100"
  • When the customer is ready to make a payment, the merchant website displays its payment page and calls the secure-pay API with YIP as the terminal value.
curl -XPOST -H "Content-type: application/json" -d '{
"merchantNo": "200043",
"storeNo": "300014",
"verifySign": "72a2c6ce8497adc8a03a78135618e666",
"amount": "13",
"currency": "PHP",
"settleCurrency": "USD",
"vendor": "alipay",
"terminal": "YIP",
"timeout": "30",
"reference": "test202001011303",
"ipnUrl": "",
"callbackUrl": "{status}",
"description": "test+description",
"note": "test note",
"osType": "IOS",
"goodsInfo": [
"goods_name": "name1",
"quantity": "quantity1"
}' ''
  • The merchant system receives an authorization token (vendor ID) and transaction ID instead of a cashierURL, required to accept payments with Braintree.
"result": {
"amount": "13.00",
"vendorID": "partner123456789",
"currency": "PHP",
"reference": "test202001011303",
"settleCurrency": "USD",
"transactionNo": "297553638298245023"
"ret_code": "000100",
"ret_msg": "prepay success "
  • Upon customer confirmation, the merchant system calls the process API to initiate the transaction.
curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{
"merchantNo": "202333",
"paymentMethod": "credit_card",
"vendorID": "partner123456789",
"storeNo": "301854",
"transactionNo": "297553640378707470",
"verifySign": "893fd2c61aebbfd9b1f4543afb727063"
  • Pockyt uses the Partner Gateway's ID (vendor ID) and transaction ID to request the Partner Gateway to process the payment.
  • The Partner Gateway complies with the request and passes the transaction results to Pockyt who relays them back to the merchant website.
"reference": "a6d19b881699dfea0c8b78e91bc64d42",
"amount": "22.00",
"supUserid": "[email protected]",
"transactionNo": "302589410330531000",
"vendorId": "a902q221",
"currency": "USD",
"paymentTime": "2021-01-22T19:23:00Z",
"status": "success"
"ret_msg": "success",
"ret_code": "000100"
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