Basic Payouts User Workflow

  • A Merchant (Payor) is using the Payout's service to transfer funds from their business bank account, to an Individual's (Payee) consumer digital wallet, bank account, other consumer payment methods.
  • An Individual Payee has an Affiliate Marketing relationship with a Merchant Store. When the Individual Payee directs traffic to the store leading to a purchase, the Merchant Store makes payment of a Commission via their Pocky Payor Account.
In order to receive their Commission Payout, the Individual Payee must register to create a Pockyt Payee Account, where they will configure their payout preferences, such as which payout method they would like to receive their funds (bank account, PayPal, Venmo, etc...).

Payouts API Workflows

Below is a list of the APIs designed to streamline the customer-presented QR Code payment process. These definitions all use the Sandbox Base URL:

Register endpoint: v3/payee/register

  • To initiate payments to your payees, you must first register an account with Pockyt. Send a POST request to the Register Customer endpoint, and you'll receive a customerNo in response.

Retrieve endpoint: /v3/payee/retrieve

  • Acquire detailed information about a payee's account by sending a POST request to Pockyt's Retrieve Payee Account API. This enables you to manage and verify payee accounts effectively, maintaining the integrity of your payment process.

Update endpoint: /v3/payee/update

  • To update payee details such as name, address, email, and bank info by providing customer No and new details. The API returns a confirmation message upon successful execution
Add Payee Funding Source: /v3/payee/account/create/bank-account
  • Add a new payment method for the payee, such as a bank account. This endpoint requires the user to provide the Merhcnat ID and the payment details in the request payload.

Retrieve Payee Funding Source: v3/payee/payout-accounts

  • Sandbox URL:
  • Production URL:

Transfer Endpoint: /v3/payouts/pay

  • To execute a payment, send a POST request to the payments endpoint. Upon successful validation, the specified amount will be transferred to the receiver, completing the payment transaction.
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