Merchant Presented Workflow

Merchant Presented QRC API Workflow

User Workflows and API Interactions

Below are the steps of the transaction itinerary in a merchant-presented QR Code payment.
  • A customer approaches the Point-of-Sale (POS) manager presiding over a customer checkout within an in-store retail environment.
  • Upon inquiry, the customer reveals that they want to make the payment for the purchased items via a digital wallet.
  • The POS manager selects “Digital Wallet” as the tender type and the POS system calls Pockyt’s /create-trans-qrcode API to generate the QR Code.
    • POST:
curl -XPOST -H "Content-type: application/json" -d '{
"merchantNo": "200043",
"storeNo": "300014",
"verifySign": "45bfac0286debaf0c316c011d6842d2c",
"amount": "0.11",
"currency": "USD",
"settleCurrency": "USD",
"needQrcode" "true",
"reference": "test2020102023",
"ipnUrl": "",
"needQrcode": "true",
"vendor": "alipay",
"timeout": "120"
}' ''
  • The Pockyt endpoint generates the QR Code along with a transaction no. that appears on a customer-facing display.
  • The customer opens their digital wallet app and scans the merchant’s QR Code to make the payment. However, before the payment is processed, the customer encounters a UI prompting them to confirm (or cancel) the transaction.
  • Upon confirmation, the digital wallet server processes the payment and alerts Pockyt with the transaction result along with a transaction number.
  • Pockyt relays the processing results from the wallet service to the merchant’s Point- of-Sale via IPN callback.
See tutorial section attached on how to configure your IPN callback settings
  • The Point-of-Sale generates a customer receipt marking the end of the transaction.
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