Mobile App Payments

At Pockyt, we prioritize offering diverse payment options for your users. To simplify the integration process, we provide an SDK that focuses on streamlining routing, payment processing logic, and enhancing the checkout flow. It's important to note that certain payment methods may require their own specific SDKs and integrations, which work alongside Pockyt's integration.
Please see a sample checkout flow for an In-App implementation via the Pockyt Shop Application:
By leveraging Pockyt's SDK, you can reduce development time and ensure consistency across your mobile application projects. Our API documentation offers detailed information, code samples, and best practices to guide you through the integration process.
One of our SDK projects is "yuansfer-payment-iOS," designed to integrate third-party payment platforms such as WeChat Pay, Alipay, and Braintree. This project is compatible with Xcode 10.0+ and operates on iOS 8.0+.
Additionally, we have a project that aggregates WeChat, Alipay, or Braintree payments. It provides convenient access to APIs for multiple payments, as well as support for calling online API interfaces. Each payment method is independent, and necessary dependencies are introduced accordingly.
Last modified 6mo ago