Payment Service Providers

The Role of Payment Service Providers

Pockyt, a payment service provider (PSP), facilitates payment processing for digital wallet services. Here's a technical explanation of how Pockyt's services work in conjunction with digital wallets:
  • Integration with Digital Wallets: Pockyt establishes integration with digital wallet platforms, enabling access to necessary information and functionalities.
  • Payment Initiation: When a user initiates a payment through their digital wallet, the request is transmitted from their mobile device to Pockyt's servers, containing transaction details.
  • Authentication and Authorization: Pockyt's servers authenticate the user's identity, validate the transaction request, and verify the availability of funds in the digital wallet or linked bank account.
  • Transaction Processing: Upon successful authentication, Pockyt's servers initiate the transaction process, communicating with the recipient's payment system or the merchant's server to exchange necessary information.
  • Funds Transfer: Pockyt facilitates secure transfer of funds from the user's digital wallet or linked bank account to the recipient's account, leveraging integration with banking systems, settlement networks, or other payment gateways.
  • Transaction Confirmation: Following funds transfer, Pockyt's servers update the transaction status and promptly notify both the user and recipient through push notifications, SMS, or in-app messages.
  • Transaction Records and Security: Pockyt's servers securely store transaction details, employing encryption, tokenization, and other security protocols to protect sensitive information.
  • Settlement and Reporting: Pockyt handles settlement processes by reconciling transactions and settling funds among involved parties, offering reporting and analytics tools to merchants for transaction tracking, analysis, and generating insights.
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