Pockyt Hosted Checkout

Pockyt Checkout is a payment method that enables businesses to redirect customers to a Pockyt-hosted page for checkout. This is a favorable payment solution for businesses that are unable to host their own payment forms for various reasons. You will see this referred to as the "SecurePay API" in our documentation.

API's used in this implementation:

  • SecurePay API: By using this API, the merchant website can send customers to Pockyt to receive payments.

Payment Methods available in Pockyt Checkout:

  • Asia-Pacific Based Digital Wallets:
    • Digital Wallets: Alipay, WeCahtPay, UnionPay, TrueMoney, AliPay HK, TNG, GCash, Dana, KakaoPay, BKash, EasyPasia
  • US Based Payment Methods:
    • Major Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, Union Pay
    • Digital Wallets: Paypal, Venmo, CashApp

Pockyt Checkout workflow with SecurePay API:

Tutorial: Pockyt Hosted Checkout

The following steps outline the basic use case of Pockyt Checkout in an online payments checkout process:
  • The merchant system calls the create API to register a customer.
curl -X POST \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{
"merchantNo": "merchant_no",
"storeNo": "store_no",
"verifySign": "signature",
"profileType": "profile_type",
"lang": "lang",
"timestamp": "timestamp",
"city": "city",
"company": "company",
"country": "country",
"countryCode": "country_code",
"customerCode": "customer_code",
"dateOfBirth": "date_of_birth",
"email": "email",
"firstName": "first_name",
"lastName": "last_name",
"mobileNumber": "mobile_number",
"phone": "phone",
"state": "state",
"street": "street",
"street2": "street2",
"zip": "zip"
  • This generates a customer ID, which is stored in the merchant system's database for future transactions.
"ret_msg": "success",
"ret_code": "000100"
  • The merchant system then calls the secure-pay API to retrieve a cashierURL from Pockyt.
curl -XPOST -H "Content-type: application/json" -d '{
"merchantNo": "200043",
"storeNo": "300014",
"verifySign": "72a2c6ce8497adc8a03a78135618e666",
"amount": "13",
"currency": "PHP",
"settleCurrency": "USD",
"vendor": "alipay",
"terminal": "ONLINE",
"timeout": "30",
"reference": "test202001011303",
"ipnUrl": "",
"callbackUrl": "{status}",
"description": "test+description",
"note": "test note",
"osType": "IOS",
"goodsInfo": [
"goods_name": "name1",
"quantity": "quantity1"
}' ''
  • Using the cashierURL, the customer is redirected to Pockyt's hosted payment form.
  • After the payment is completed, Pockyt redirects the customer back to the merchant's payment result page using the provided callback URL in the request body of the secure-pay API.
  • Pockyt relays the transaction results to the merchant's website using the IPN callback function.
  • To receive the payment results, the merchant website creates an IPN listener page and uses its URL in the request body of the secure-pay API.
  • The merchant's website displays the payment confirmation message to the customer.
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