Demo Digital Wallet Applications

Download these apps to test the Customer Presented QRC Use Case

AliPay Test Digital Wallet

Scan this QR Code image from the Android Device that you will be using to test the AliPay transaction flow. It will lead you to a URL where you will be able to download the associated .apk file.

PayPal Sandbox Digital Wallet

Available for iOS and Android devices by private invitation. You will need to email [email protected] to request access to this wallet. Be sure to provide the following information in your email:
  • Your Sandbox Merchant Number and Store Number. If you do not have this, please click at the link below to apply for a sandbox account
  • The email addresses associated with the accounts used to login to the iOS Appstore and Google Play App Store, on the test devices that you will be using to install these apps.

CashApp Sandbox Digital Wallets

Available for iOS and Android Devices by public web links, shown below. Please navigate to these links and follow the instructions displayed on the download pages:
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