Customer Records

The Customer Records APIs are vital tools for merchants looking to implement both 3DSecure and recurring payment functionality for secure credit card processing.
The Customer Records APIs seamlessly integrate with Pockyt's partner credit card gateway companies, enabling merchants to enhance payment security and offer a convenient recurring payment option to their customers. By leveraging the Customer Records APIs, merchants can efficiently handle authentication processes for 3DSecure transactions while also managing customer records necessary for recurring payment setups.

Using Customer Record API's to implement 3D Secure

3D Secure is an authentication protocol designed to enhance the security of online credit card transactions. It adds an extra layer of protection by verifying the identity of the cardholder during the payment process, reducing the risk of fraud and unauthorized card usage. When a customer initiates a transaction, they are redirected to a secure authentication page provided by the card issuer or payment network. The customer then completes the authentication process by entering a password, receiving a one-time code, or using biometric authentication methods.
Merchants can utilize the Customer APIs provided by Pockyt to seamlessly integrate 3D Secure features with partner credit card processing gateways. The Customer APIs enable merchants to securely interact with Pockyt's partner gateways, facilitating the authentication process and retrieving the necessary information to complete the transaction. By integrating the Customer APIs, merchants can initiate 3D Secure authentication requests, receive authentication results, and ensure a smooth and secure payment experience for their customers

Using Customer Record API's to implement Recurring Payments

The implementation of Recurring Payments and Stored Payment Methods (vaulting) may differ based on the chosen Partner Gateway for credit card processing. While the tutorials in this guide specifically cover the integration with Braintree Payments, additional tutorials can be provided upon request. For more information on alternative tutorials, please reach out to a member of your dedicated Pockyt Support Team.
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